Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New goal

Okay I realize that a couple of days ago I set a goal to lose 8lbs. this month, however, I have a new goal in mind as well. I'm still trying to reach that 8lbs. mark by the end of this month but I have a goal for this week as well. Smaller increments seem more attainable and gratification is quicker. This will help me keep up the momentum for the monthly goal as well. Last night I had weigh in and was down a pound from the previous week. This puts me at 11.4 lbs down since January. I'm really close to my 5% goal which means my WW leader announces my name and tells everyone that I've reached my 5%. Things of this nature make me happy. What? I like to be in the spotlight sometimes. I'm .7 away from my 5%. I realize this may seem like small potatoes to some but looking over the past 5 months of my roller coaster I really have to buckle down this week to ensure that I meet this goal. If I lose more great then I'm that much closer to my monthly goal. However, I realize this week I have some major obstacles in my path.

Starting with a luncheon I had today. I didn't have any of the donuts though. I ate 2 small slider sandwiches, one of which was missing the bottom bun, I also took the cheese off both and there was no mayo or mustard. When I was taking the cheese off my co-worker asked me if I didn't like cheese. I explained to her about WW and how I really don't care one way or the other about the cheese most of the time. Then she asked me all about WW and I had a lengthy discussion on the topic. I like these kinds of convos. I'm definitely always up for plugging healthy living. Then I had a small portion of pasta salad, some pita chips and a gob of dip, fruit, and finally half a brownie. I'm actually really proud of myself for being able to eat the food at the luncheon in moderation. I'm giving myself a pat on the back for my good choices.

Tomorrows obstacle will be more difficult as we are having ice cream sundaes after school for teacher appreciation. This even I'm going to have to avoid because I'm not one to just have a bit of ice cream. That's okay though because wearing smaller clothes will feel a lot better. Then Saturday I have a bridal shower, and dinner out Sat. night. Both of these are events I can navigate I'm just going to need to be diligent. Luckily though my bestie will be with me and I'm sure she'll help to keep me in check. :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been on WW again since the beginning of January, today is the first day of May and I am down 10 lbs. That's it. I've spent the past four months losing 10 lbs. While I'm proud to be 10 lbs. lighter this definitely isn't the best I can do by far. In all actuality I lost the 10 lbs in the first month and a half so I've just been gaining and losing since then. This is not where I thought I would be when I started this journey and it's definitely not where I want to be when I turn 30. So with a lil help from my friends I'm resolving to get my butt into gear.
My goal for this month is to lose 8 lbs. Ambitious? Yes! But I'm ambitious and goal oriented in every other area of my life so why should it be any different with my weight loss. I need to take some of that industrious energy and channel it towards a healthier me. I actually did win the award for the most industrious in 5th grade.
Every time I go to put something in my mouth I need to remember that feeling you get when you put an article of clothing on that was once tight and is now roomier. That feeling can last me all day long, it can put me in a brilliant mood all day long. The feeling I get from eating full fat ranch and fried mushrooms lasts about 20 minutes. I think I just need to keep things in perspective.