Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Maybe I'm just supposed to be fat

I've really been feeling like that lately. Maybe I'll never lose weight and I should just learn to embrace myself as I am. I also suspect that I'm going to be hot all the time (thanks antidepressants). I just have a really hard time getting to the gym and not eating a whole container of fat free ranch dip. I think since I've switched antidepressants some of that has started to taper off but I still can't get to the gym. Also I'll do good one week and the next it's like I abandon ship. Last night I had a friend tell me that she spent the same $200 4 times. I feel like I do that with my extra points or my oops I can't cheat a little bit. I keep using that same cheat 5 times, which isn't helping on the scale.

First world problem....sigh!