Monday, April 27, 2009

New Orleans

I have come to decide that New Orleans seems to be a bitter sweet place for me. While I have only been there twice both times have been marked by fun things and not so fun things. This time the fun things were of course Bourbon street, Frenchman street, getting to hang out with my mom, steve, casey and company, good food, lots of sleep, the crazy religious guy and the fancy Arby's. The not so good things, my car broke and I had alot of heartburn. Now I realize the fun list vastly outweights the not so fun list but my new car breaking is worth alot of points not enough to ruin the trip but definitely enough to make me think that New Orleans just plain doesnt like me. There's really only one way to test out this theory though and that's to return. :)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Why does stuff always break?

So this week I think I have broken, well maybe not broken but injured my finger at boot camp. I'm pretty sure it's from doing push ups, I know crazy but it really happened. Then today I sat down to try and create super awesome playlists for the road trip to New Orleans and alas my ipod has broken. I can't get it to do anything. I can't even get the computer to recognize that it's connected. This wouldnt be then end of the world if my nano wasn't missing. So now i pretty much have a $300 paper weight. Awesome! I know that i could just make mix c.d.s for the road trip but that just feels so "old". Plus I've spent so much time trying to figure out how to restore my ipod that now I dont really have time to make c.d.s. AAAAAAAAARGH! Maybe tomorrow it'll work again, that would make my life.