Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movin on.....

It's not up that I'm moving. This year I had to move classrooms. I've been in my classroom for all five years of my teaching career. It's a HUGE room with lots of cabinets and space and a bathroom and 2 sinks. It's also in the hall with lots of my friends and it has a back door. I'm sad to be leaving it mostly because I did not want to move 5 years worth of stuff. My new room is a lot smaller, no storage and no bathroom. There's also only one door. I keep telling people I feel like I've been living in a luxurious mansion and am now moving to the slums. LOL. It's not too bad though I got it all moved thanks to a fellow teacher's husband who was forced by his wife to be my own personal mover. Man, I can't wait to get married...haha. Although I wasn't super thrilled about this move it has forced me to get rid of a lot of useless stuff so that's a good thing. Here's a some pic of my new room with all my stuff piled on top of the desks. This has become my life the past week.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Signs of the impending school year

1. My eyelid is twitching.
2. No one can find me because I'm buried under all the stuff in my classroom.
3. My apartment is full of crayons, markers, scissors, glue etc....
4. My once a day Starbucks addiction returns.
5. If anyone does see me I'm sweaty and dirty from all the dust in my classroom.
6. My second home is Lakeshore.
7. My first home is my classroom.
8. I'm re-training my bladder to only pee once a day.
9. I re-learn the art of speed eating.
10. Multitasking becomes my middle name.