Sunday, April 25, 2010

Bending my knee

is much harder than you think. My knee has been straight for six weeks and now after all that time my doc wants me to bend it. On Thursday when I went to see him he asked me if I could bend my knee. I found this perplexing because he told me not to bend my knee so I'm not really sure why he was asking such a goofy question. I mean I figure he's the expert so I'm gonna listen to him and not sit around for six weeks trying to bend my knee. He then proceeded to tell me to bend it and I responded "no, i'm good". I may not be a doctor but common sense prevailed here I knew it was gonna hurt. He made me bend it anyways and it did hurt. Then even more shockingly he told me that I have to start bending it and that I should be able to bend it like my right knee by monday. This appointment was Thursday afternoon. I'm sure my face had "you're smokin crack" written all over it.
Despite my apprehension I have been trying to bend it and well it hurts but I guess it's getting a little easier. It feels like stretching a rubber band. I also spent last night (Saturday night) sitting in the recliner with a heating pad on it trying to bend it. Not a typical 28 year olds Sat. night, but that's another issue entirely.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Adios Espana!

Two days ago a sad, sad event occurred. I had to email English Summer and tell them that after four years I would not be making the trek to Spain this summer. It was a sad event all around. Okay, maybe I was more sad, but Simon did email me back and tell me I would be missed. That made me feel better.
The doctor said that I could go to Spain but I would have to work really hard in physical therapy to get my knee back to normal, and honestly normal for me probably isn't even that great. I decided that I needed to give my knee a break and let it heal slowly instead of trying to push it. Also there's lots of knee straining activities in Spain. Getting my huge suitcase on and off trains, up stairs, walking everywhere, and of course lots of synchronized dancing. I fully intend to return next year so my knee better get better.