Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A little too much Cinco de Mayo fun!

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo so of course we had to celebrate. Hata and I never let a holiday go by without a celebration, pretty soon we might start celebrating the really insignificant ones like Presidents day or Columbus day. Actually I think Columbus would like us to celebrate him by drinking probably Ol Abe and George too. Anyhoo, I've become sidetracked. The original plan was that Hope was going to come to my apt. at 7:30 and then we were gonna meet the Tuesday night drinking club at the Armadillo Palace. Which I realize that it seems kind of silly to celebrate a Mexican Holiday at a country bar but thats how we roll, i guess. :0
Of course my life being mine things would not work out this simply for me. After school I get into my car and lo and behold that air conditioner is not working so I have to drive to Alvin to once again drop my car off and get a rental. So now I'm driving a Chevy Malibu. By the time I got home I was definitely ready to drink and drink i did. I had alot of fun I dont really know about anyone else. We tried to go dancing at the Roxy but it was empty and we didnt want to be the only people in there dancing, actually i was so drunk i prob wouldnt have cared but Hope wasnt so i dont think she was down.
We ended the night at a random Mexican restaraunt so I guess in the end we did end up eating Mexican food. So this morning when I woke up I was still drunk so I had to call into work cause I wanted to keep my job and also not get on the news as the drunk kindergarten teacher.

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