Sunday, May 24, 2009

Master of the Universe well at least education

This picture has absolutely nothing to do with getting or having a Master's although I guess u could day having more degrees doesnt make me anymore serious.
Last Satruday I graduated. I finally did it! YAY! I now officially have a Master's degree in Education. It's kind of funny because I didnt even really want to go to the ceremony but my Mom convinced me to and I'm glad I did. There's something exciting about hearing your name and walking across the stage and getting handed a diploma (or tube in this case), while your friends and family cheer for you. Don't get me wrong the rest of the time is insanely boring and I'm super glad that I brought my phone so I could text and play tetris. I asked the girl next to me what people did at graduations before cell phones. Afterwards we had a party at my Grama's and we all know that i love a good party especially when it's in my honor. So all in all the hard word has defintely paid off and I havent even gotten a pay raise yet....:).

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