Saturday, June 20, 2009

One day I might get the hang of this

So on Wed. I boarded a plane and left for Ireland. Well for some reason I can't travel anywhere without some kind of ridiculousness happening. The flight was from Houston to London and took 9 hours, nothing really exciting happened except for the part where I thought we were gonna die. We hit alot of turbulence and all I could think of was the Air France flight, obviously we survived it. We get to London and I have to make my way through the airport so I can get on my plane to Ireland.
First I had to go through customs and through security again, which I dont get because I never left the airport. So I hand the lady my landing card and passport and then the grand inquisition begins. Now I do the same thing every summer but I have never been interrogated to this extent. She asked me the most random questions after asking where I was going then she asked me my friend in Irelands name and how I met him and where he lived and if he had a job and where was his job. Then she proceeded to scold me because I didnt have a copy of my itinerary that showed when I would be returning to the states. Reluctantly she let me through. Then I had to go stand in this other really long line. After a while I realized that I was gonna miss my flight to Ireland. So I went to the front and told the one person working this. Well she informed me that my flight had already closed and I would have to fly standby. She told me to go to gate 86 and talk to them. Well with her accent I heard gate 6, luckily the lady was really nice at gate 6 and sent me on my merry way. Once I got to the gates that were in the 80s I randomly walked past one and the man asked for passenger Todd, I was so excited I was practically yelling, "thats me". I boarded the plane and of course I was the last one.
Once we got to Dublin I really had to go to the bathroom so I went and all of the sudden I have a bloody nose. So I stay in the stall until it stops bleeding. Once I leave i keep sniffing and wiping at my nose so Im sure everyone was thinking I had just snorted some coke in the stall.
Next task was to get the bus to Belfast. Somehow I managed this without incident. Once I got off the bus though that was a different story. I had arrived at the city center and I was supposed to be at a hotel, well I didnt know where it was and by this point I hadnt slept in 24hours so I figured Id just call Richard and let him know. Well then I couldnt get his phone number to work, I tried all kinds of combinations, it just plain didnt work so I tried sending a text. After that all I could do was wait and hope Richard found me. Which amazingly he did, so I have to assume that he realized what an incompetent traveler I am, but then again he has heard about my adventures to Spain before.


  1. WOW....I have to laugh. It's not funny, but it seems like there's always some fiasco with an American trying to navigate the European transit system. :o) So glad Richard found you and hope y'all are having a blast!!!!!!!

  2. oh juli!! you're first entry from europa lol

    its funny how i can hear your voice when you write, sucks about your bloody nose lol

    you and your travelling adventures lol

    have fun!!!!!!!!!

  3. this worked lol