Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer's Here!

For those of you who live in Texas you are well aware that summer has arrived. I think we all knew it about a month ago. For those of you who live in cooler places, you might still be waiting. School is also out which also marks the beginning of my summer. School has actually been out for a couple weeks now but I'm a lazy blogger, so I now will attempt to fill u in on all the exciting adventures in between.

The night of the last day of school I flew to San Diego. My Dad was out there visiting my brother and me coming was supposed to be a suprise but apparently my brother got drunk and told my dad. Lesson: don't trust drunks.

We had a suprise party for my Dad on Saturday and it really was a suprise, apparently my brother can keep some secrets when he's drunk. It was super fun and my Dad was totally suprised so that was really cool. After the party we went out in downtown San Diego. The bar that we went to seemed like it was a cool place but I couldnt confirm that because as soon as we got there I threw up in my hand. I know gross. So my Dad and I got a cab back to my bro's place, my Dad felt the need to inform the cab driver that I had just thrown up. I, however, didnt think this needed to be shared. When we got back to my bro's my Dad let a random cat into the house. Now I know my Dad was drunk because he doesnt like cats. So I had to get the cat out by luring it out the door with a hot dog. My Dad was not happy about this and informed me that the cat was his friend, again proof that he was a lil intoxicated.

The rest of the time in San Diego was pretty normal. I got to hang out with my BFF Josh and we had alot of bff fun moments.

Since returning home, I have been to a Chuck E Cheese bday party, had Rachel (Carmela's 4 yr old daughter) spend the night, decided that being a parent is crazy hard, taken naps, visited summer school, gone to College Station for Ninfaritas, gone to a dance recital and tonight we are grilling steaks.

Tomorrow I leave for Ireland, thus marking the true beginning of my crazy summer. Stay tuned throughout the summer for crazy stories about Europe.


  1. :o) Rachel had a blast and really appreciated you coming out to the recital. It meant so much to her. That's why she says, "Just call me 'Juli Girl." :o)

    Have so much fun in Europe and I will miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love ya!

  2. This is Carmela, I'm signed in under the Bryan High Reunion address I made! LOL