Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hey Gimpy Buckaroo!

Today I had physical therapy. I actually like physical therapy. It's not really that hard and everyone is sitting around talking and joking. It's a really upbeat atmosphere, which is probably better for the healing process. I secretly have the urge to constantly ask everyone what their ailment is but I've only been three times. So it'll probably pop out on the 4th visit.
The best part of physical therapy is when they put these electrodes on my knee and then put electricity into it. At first, I thought it would hurt, but it actually makes it feel really good. I was also concerned the first time that it would malfunction and then accidentally electrocute me. That did not happen either. I'm just glad that I didn't ask if that was even a possibility. I'm kind of beginning to understand why people think I'm kind of ditsy.
So the embarrassing thing that happened today was after the electrocution of my knee the P.T. guy was unhooking my leg and asked me "Do you have a lot of work to do tonight?". I said "yeah, why?". Then I was like crap why did i ask "why?", he probably thinks I thought he was asking me out or something, which is even more embarrassing because he's married and had been talking about him and his wife just having gotten back from vacation. Then he said "oh no reason I was just wondering". I then tried to cover it by saying "oh I thought u were going to give me more work to do tonight". What a dork I am!
When I left he chided me for still gimping around and told me I need to practice walking normally. I explained to him that I really didn't remember how but he told me to try anyways. So I'm walking back to my car and I swear I looked like a cowboy with chaps and spurs on, approaching a dual. Then all I could think of was Woody from Toy Story. Oh, how I constantly feel like J.D. from Scrubs!

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  1. It's fun to add pictures to your blog, isn't it?? :) So, this totally made me laugh. I miss living together at the apt. when I could be inside your head all the time and we didn't even have to talk much and we'd start laughing b/c we just "got" each other. Oh, Gimpy, I do miss you! LOL