Saturday, May 22, 2010

The stairs: My arch nemesis

Today I faced and beat my arch nemesis: the stairs. I realize that most people probably don't think of the stairs as being highly evil however, when you mess up any part of your lower body it's a whole new ball game. Okay, really I've never liked stairs and the only reason I live on the 3rd floor is for safety reasons. Yes, I realize if a fire breaks out, I'm screwed but I mean safety like robbers or murderers. Again, I realize I could still be robbed or murdered on the 3rd floor. However, I reason that these robbers and murderers are not law abiding citizens it seems they like to take the lazy approach to life. Let's be honest how many lazy people do you know that are going to climb 3 flights of stairs when you could do the same thing on the first floor? I digress.
Back to the stairs. The doctor told me that I needed to start practicing climbing the stairs before I could move back to my apt. So I've been practicing on the stairs at physical therapy. It's on the fifth floor, but I just climb up one flight and then walk down one flight and do the same on the way out. So today, I ventured to my apartment and for the first time in 2 and a half months got to go into my apartment.
Luckily, I had not been robbed and it didn't stink. There were some interesting experiments growing in the refrigerator, though. I thought my mom and grama had cleaned it out but I guess I was mistaken. I hung out for a little while and then made the trek down the stairs.
Going down the stairs is actually a lot worse than going up the stairs. I've never understood this because I would think climbing up is harder than going down because going down you have gravity helping you out. The doctor had already warned me about going down and pointed out to me that the majority of people fall down stairs not up them. I have to say the doctor was right going down was more work and was more painful. However, I made it and hopefully will be moving back to my apartment sometime this week.
So who's the winner now stairs?

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  1. I think it's harder to go down b/c you're having to use your muscles to keep from just heading straight down, so there's tension? Just my thoughts. Get better quickly. I don't want you all gimpy for the reunion. How else will we do the Romy & Michele dance?