Thursday, August 12, 2010

Movin on.....

It's not up that I'm moving. This year I had to move classrooms. I've been in my classroom for all five years of my teaching career. It's a HUGE room with lots of cabinets and space and a bathroom and 2 sinks. It's also in the hall with lots of my friends and it has a back door. I'm sad to be leaving it mostly because I did not want to move 5 years worth of stuff. My new room is a lot smaller, no storage and no bathroom. There's also only one door. I keep telling people I feel like I've been living in a luxurious mansion and am now moving to the slums. LOL. It's not too bad though I got it all moved thanks to a fellow teacher's husband who was forced by his wife to be my own personal mover. Man, I can't wait to get married...haha. Although I wasn't super thrilled about this move it has forced me to get rid of a lot of useless stuff so that's a good thing. Here's a some pic of my new room with all my stuff piled on top of the desks. This has become my life the past week.

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