Monday, November 8, 2010

Ooops I did it again....

I dislocated my knee again! I was actually doing the same exact thing as last time. Pulling my pants up in the bathroom. Once was embarassing enough but a second time? really? I mean who dislocates there knee twice while pulling there pants up? This time I was at home and my cousin just so happened to be here. Otherwise I would have been crawling around trying to find my phone to call the ambulance. That would not have been fun. It popped back into place and we pulled out my knee brace and the crutches and she took me to the hospital. This time wasn't as bad as far as me being freaked out but I feel like it hurt more this time. The x-rays came back fine and nothing is broken. I'm waiting until my orthopaedic doctors office opens to get an appoinment and thats when the real fun will probably begin. So once again I am a gimp.

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