Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just call me Tiny Tim

I managed to get a doctor's appointment yesterday. He basically looked at it, wiggled it, wiggled my good knee and then said "At some point you will need surgery". I didn't ask when some point would be that's probably important to know. He did say I need another MRI because the x-rays came back fine. That's the tricky thing about knees, x-rays look fine but then the MRI comes back and show you jacked everything on the inside up. I was able to get my MRI done yesterday afternoon as well. This time I told them I was claustrophobic, which usually I'm not only when it comes to MRI machines. They put me in one that was more open and less coffinesque, so no anxiety for me. I have to go back Thursday and that's when he'll be able to tell me more. Until then I have to wear my knee brace and use one crutch. I hope no one mistakes me for Tiny Tim. :)

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