Sunday, December 5, 2010

scalpel please...

Over Thanksgiving I had knee surgery. Apparently my tendons were so stretched that if I didn't have surgery my knee was just gonna keep popping out of place. I had the surgery the day before Thanksgiving. My mom flew in the night before so she would be there with me. It wasn't really a big deal just outpatient but they did put me under and they intubated me. I knew I was going to be put under but I didn't know they were going to put the big old tube down my throat. I found that part out when I woke up and thought I had come down with strep throat because my throat hurt.

I wasn't too nervous about it mostly just worried that they wouldn't give me enough anethesia and I would be able to feel it but couldn't tell them. Doesn't everyone have that fear? Good news is I didn't feel a thing until I woke up and it hurt A LOT! I started crying it hurt so much so they gave me some morphine which didn't help so they gave me some more which still didn't help.

I had to gimp around on Thanksgiving. Now I'm wearing a hinged brace and can bend my knee 30 degrees. I also still have one stitch still in which sucks because it means I can't get my knee wet. It is a big pain in the ass to wrap your leg in saran wrap and then trash bags before taking a shower. Hopefully this week the doc will take the last stitch out. He'll also change my brace so I can bend my knee a little bit more. YAY!

The worst part is that it's hard to walk. It's also hard to lug my leg around with a giant metal apparatus attached to it. It makes my whole body tired. Needless to say I've been going to bed even earlier at night. The upside is that I'm getting a good workout everytime I walk so maybe I'll lose some weight that would be nice.

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