Sunday, May 1, 2011


I've been on WW again since the beginning of January, today is the first day of May and I am down 10 lbs. That's it. I've spent the past four months losing 10 lbs. While I'm proud to be 10 lbs. lighter this definitely isn't the best I can do by far. In all actuality I lost the 10 lbs in the first month and a half so I've just been gaining and losing since then. This is not where I thought I would be when I started this journey and it's definitely not where I want to be when I turn 30. So with a lil help from my friends I'm resolving to get my butt into gear.
My goal for this month is to lose 8 lbs. Ambitious? Yes! But I'm ambitious and goal oriented in every other area of my life so why should it be any different with my weight loss. I need to take some of that industrious energy and channel it towards a healthier me. I actually did win the award for the most industrious in 5th grade.
Every time I go to put something in my mouth I need to remember that feeling you get when you put an article of clothing on that was once tight and is now roomier. That feeling can last me all day long, it can put me in a brilliant mood all day long. The feeling I get from eating full fat ranch and fried mushrooms lasts about 20 minutes. I think I just need to keep things in perspective.

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  1. Very good, my friend! Have you seen this? I think after I have the baby, I might buy one of these! :D