Monday, April 18, 2011

Look what I made

Tonight I came home and made myself a delicious meal. A BLT on light bread, with fat free mayo and low sodium bacon, roasted asparagus and tomatoes and cucumber with fat free feta. Don't forget the water either. I'm sure some people might look at my little meal and think "What's the big deal?". Well let me tell you that it's a big deal to me. Mostly because I am not a cook, I don't really enjoy cooking and have spent most of my life avoiding it. However, lately I've really began to take pride in my meals. It's not that they're amazing tasting intricate dishes that only a foodie could appreciate, it's more that they're healthy and I made them myself. I really take great pride in this. Yesterday I even made some mango salsa, grilled some pork chops and roasted some sweet potatoes. I must say I am rather proud of myself at the moment. :) Also I'm super in love with BLT's right now. I wish I had remembered to buy an avocado so I could have added a bit of that. Mmmmm....heaven!

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  1. That looks so yummy!!!!!! Have you seen :)