Monday, November 26, 2012

Hello Old Friend!

My poor neglected blog.  Well I'm back and on the road to weight loss success once again or about to be anyway.  So to help me keep things in perspective, let me list the reasons I need to lose weight. 

1.  My pant size.
2.  I'm currently using a hair tie to button my pants.  Although ingenious a bit ridic!
3.  I feel like I'm drowing in fat and boob. 
4.  I'm beginning to feel self concious about sitting in chairs and small areas. 
5.  My knee hurts a lot most of the time. 
6.  I'm tired ALL THE TIME!
7.  My feet hurt a lot. 
8.  I feel gross. 
9.  My stomach is too big. 
10.  I have high cholesterol.
11.  People have started telling me I need to lose weight. 
12.  I don't want to see people I haven't seen in a long time because I don't want them to think about how "big" I've gotten. 
13.  I don't like myself at this size. 
14.  I feel ugly and fat. 
15.  I want to hide in my apt. in sweat pants. 
16.  My cheeks are over taking my face. 
17.  I now know what it's like to have a muffin top and I don't like it.
18.  I'm self concious in large spaces and places. 
19.  I want to be healthy.
20.  I want to live a long happy life. 

Today, after school I'm going to my fit foods for a consultation.  With that I hope I'll get more energy and then be able to go to the gym.  Put those 2 things together and hopefully this weight will come off.  Here we go again!!!!

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