Sunday, September 20, 2009

a hodge podge of stuff

First of all, my throat hurts. So not cool. I think it's a combo of my allergies, thanks houston and all the dust from packing my apartment up. That's right I'm moving next weekend so much of this weekend has been spent packing box upon box of stuff. I can't believe I have so much stuff, where did it all come from? Guess that doesnt matter now as I still have to pack it up. On top of that I'm so lucky as to have to write a paper that is due Monday. What great timing. I have yet to start on the paper being the great procrastinator that I am. So now i have to write it today, while my throat hurts and amidst more packing. Oh well once it's done it's done and then I dont have to worry about it anymore. One more check on my to do list. This picture also has nothing to do with anything really but this is my last week to live with Aerin so I figured I'd post a lil blast from the past!

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