Saturday, January 22, 2011


On Tuesday I went to WW and the reason there was no joyous post was because I only lost .2lbs. Yes, I sure did say "only" but in reality I'm pretty sure I lost more because during the weekend I had dehydration and sodium issues. That sounds so much nicer than I drank way to much cheap vodka and spent all day paying homage to the Toilet Gods and when I finally stopped I ate a bunch of chinese food because I was so hung over.

Needless to say, I will not be making that mistake again or at least not anytime soon. So I was a bit disappointed even though I probably did lose more. I think the worst part was it was only my 2nd week and I was worried I would fall off the WW wagon and not get back on. But, I did. I also forgot to mention the sodium laden chinese food I ate, I totally had the points for it. So even though I was kicked in the arse by vodka I still prevailed. Really the fact that I didn't abandon ship is probably the biggest victory here. So I didn't lose as much as I wanted or thought I should but this week is a whole new week.

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  1. LOL, and you got the stomach bug! Definite weight loss in your future! LOL