Saturday, January 15, 2011


So I "wasted" my 100th post on the shortest blog ever that was only about losing 3.6lbs. LOL! I find this funny because I had been gearing up for the big 100 mostly because every other blog I read makes a big to do about their 100th post. Then in my weight loss induced excitement I forgot that it was my 100th. Oh well I think that post might of been the most important of the whole year solely because it marked my first weight loss on my journey this year. So I guess in hindsight it really was a big deal albeit a very short one.
On the exercise front I haven't really made much headway. I did go to physical therapy 2 times this week and each time I had to ride the bike and I do strength training for my left leg so that counts. I have been in a lot of pain this week though because of the cold weather so I think I'll cut myself a little slack but just a little cause we all know what happens when I cut myself some big slack. Yeah, I have to buy bigger slacks!
One of my good friends did finally join my gym this week also. I'm super proud of her for taking that first step and can't wait to have a workout buddy.
In other news, I have been doing a really good job this week eating within my points. I think I also found my secret breakfast weapon. The problem for me is I eat breakfast at like 6:30 am and then my lunch is at 10:30 am. I'm sure a lot of people think that I'm going to say I'm still full at 10:30 am but that is not the problem. I am starving by 10:30 am. The obvious solution would be to eat breakfast a little later but I get my kids at 7:30 am and then it's go time. I've tried eating at 7:15 but I'm still hungry by 10:30 am. The next obvious step would be to eat a snack in between but when I say it's "go time" I mean I am on the "go" from the time those kids walk in the door till they sit down at the lunch table. Plus I remember being little and hungry and seeing my teachers eating while I was starving, not cool. My brother so nicely pointed out that he never noticed that when he was little "so it must have been a fat kid thing". LOL! I think that's probably true. So the secret weapon I have found is oatmeal. If I eat oatmeal for breakfast it keeps me mostly full until lunch. So when 10:30 rolls around I'm hungry but not I want to eat everything in sight hungry, which is when I do the most damage. So if you're having the same problem I suggest trying some oatmeal in the morning to curb that appetite and lots of water of course.

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  1. Are you eating the instant oatmeal or the regular? I'm told that the instant doesn't last as long, though it does help me stay full for a while too.

    Also, can you drink a slimfast as a snack too? That's different than snacking and it has lots of vitamins and protein! :D