Friday, February 4, 2011

No Snow :(

I'm sure that people in the Mid-west and even Dallas are tired of all the snow, but down here in Houston we were very excited to hear it was our turn. It wasn't going to be a ton but even a little is a lot to us down here. They canceled school today and most of the city was shut down in anticipation. I was definitely excited. I had plans to build a snow man on my patio and just admire the beauty and wonder of the magical winter wonderland. My kiddos were super excited. We discussed their plans yesterday to build snowmen, throw snow balls and make snow angels, which they described by flailing there arms and saying "you know the things were u lay in the snow". One kid was even going to build a school bus out of snow, he has a slightly concerning obsession with school buses. However, there was no snow to behold this morning. I don't know if I was more disappointed for myself or for my kids. Snow is magical for us Texans and even more so when you're small. Maybe Wednesday it will happen, you know for the kids sake. :)

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