Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I actually accomplished two of my "If I dos" from my previous post and I do feel a lot better. I also feel great because I went to zumba tonight. It's a great workout and I'm getting better and better at it. I wish I could bottle up the sense of accomplishment I feel after a good workout so then on days when I'm not motivated I could take a whiff and get my bottom to the gym. I also like how working out makes me feel stronger and healthier. I'm totally not the most graceful at zumba, I have a limited amount of rhythm and apparently my hips only shake sexily when I'm intoxicated. Despite all that I feel good when I'm doing it because I know that I'm doing something good for me, I'm taking the time to take care of myself and that is a nice feeling.
I've also discovered that I love swimming. It's such a great summer exercise. Usually during the day no one is at my pool so I'm all alone with just my thoughts, my goggles and a dead hermit crab without it's shell. Well that last part only happened yesterday. I like being outside and in the sun but not sweating to death. I also like to be able to get lost in my thoughts as I swim my laps. Swimming is also a great all over body exercise and it doesn't put any pressure on my joints, don't have to worry about my knee while swimming.

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