Friday, August 5, 2011

Cutting the Bull*$#@!

I copied that from another blog but it's pretty spot on so I figured I could borrow. I don't even know where to begin. Hmmm let's begin with the insomnia. I can't sleep, when I do fall asleep I wake up every couple hours. I'm tired all day long. It's not fun. Next, the depression, this week has been a particularly depressing week. There's not really a specific reason why just things piling up. I have decided that I need to stop letting other peoples actions and reactions affect me. Life is way to short to walk around being depressed. I also got my psychiatrist to give me some sleeping pills and up my antidepressants. Hopefully this will help work most of this out. I have actually been eating within my points the past couple days although i haven't been working out very much. I attribute the lack of exercise to my exhaustion from my inability to sleep so hopefully that will also work it's self out. Finally, I'm going to College Station this weekend so I think getting out of town will give me a mini vaca. yay!!!

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  1. Be careful not to miss too many days with your exercise or it'll just make you more tired and you won't go. Don't waste all that hard work you put into it b/c life's always going to get in the way!! :) If you're tired, just go for 30 mins. and walk on the treadmill or something. ;) Love ya!