Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday June 26, 2009

Okay I'm going to try and copy some actual enteries from my journal here so that those of you who enjoy journal time can experience some of the actual stuff. However, that does require that I back track.

Today we almost died, that might be a slight exaggeration but we could've. Simon drove us down to L'Esplugai to catch the train and of course we left late. Simon tried to make up for this by turning the van into a race car. So not cool. The bus ride to Cerdanya was so so so long. I feel like we're in the middle of nowhere. It is very pretty though. When we got here we saw Nacho first. Then I got to see Carlos and the first thing he does is make fun of my suitcase. Nicola and I are sharing a room with 4 other girls. They all seem nice. It's kind of surreal being here. It's like I'm at E.S. but I'm not. We had a meeting and afterwards we had to play games with the monitors. But this one game we played was we had to put an orange between our foreheads and then dance without dropping the orange. Now I'm already not in a good place self-esteem wise but this really didnt help. I got paired with an M.P. who looked much younger than me. He also didn't talk much so we just stood around awkwardly with me trying to make small talk. It also didnt help that I felt super gross from all the traveling. After the games we went out. We started at a bar actually correct that we started by getting lost and walking in a big circle. We finally made it to the bar. We had a couple of drinks there then headed to Plastico, which for some reason always makes me think of Barbie. It was smaller than Cuatro but more people were there and I didnt notice as many rat tails. It was a good drunken night. Nacho and Carlos kept chanting "mon" every time they saw me. I kept telling them this is a new year. On the way home I was walking with Carlos. We had a nice drunken conversation about Prades and Mon and english and spanish. I heart Carlos.

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