Friday, July 17, 2009

Row row row your boat gently in a cirlce

Today once class was finished some of us decided to head to the lake. The lake is really nice and you can rent row boats and row around it. It's not a very big lake so the rowing didnt seem like it would be that difficult. If you know how to row I'm sure it's super easy if you dont though it seems u spend the majority of the time laughing and going in circles. Nicola, Claire and I had a boat together and I had claimed to be an expert boater and proclaimed myself the president of the boating club. I also invented the club thats why I got to be the president. The lady that was renting the boats explained to us how to work the oars but it's not as easy as it looks. The other teachers in the other boats didnt seem to be having near as many probs as we were. We even managed to crash into this little island thingie. It was alot of fun though and eventually Claire busted out with some mad rowing skills and got us back to shore safely.

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