Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today is a normal day except.....

Wednesday July 1, 2009

Today was a normal day. Abi keeps asking me if I'm okay so I must not look well or something. We had music today in the hallway because it started raining then hailing. Then it started flooding. It was an absolute disaster, I really wanted to bang my head against the wall. I dont know how Claire and Siobhan do it. Some of us snuck out tonight while everyone else was at the party. Asheigh, Siobhan, Rach, Miaka, Claire and I walked to town. Our first stop was Casino, which is really big and nice. They had a drink special that ended up tasting like a melted sucker. I dont think it even had alcohol in it. However, on the upside they had nice bathrooms. After that we headed to Central. There was a really drunk lady and she molested Siobhan. After Siobhan and Rach got their drinks, Ash and I tried to get a drink but the guy ignored us for a while. Not cool! Everntually we did get drinks.
We hung out in Central for a while then headed to Plastico. Some of the monitors were in Plastico. Nacho was there and he told me I was the best in the world, I'm pretty sure he was drunk but ill take the compliment.
At one point we went to the bathroom only to find a guy using the toilet. It was this very drunk gay guy. Apparently he was upset with me because, well to be honest I'm not really sure what the hell he was talking about. But, he did tell us he was bery bery gay, as if we had any doubts. Another guy also informed us that he liked cheeky y cheeky.
Eventually we escaped the bathroom and headed to Katsura. It was pretty empty but we had a good time dancing on the stage in the middle of the dance floor. Eventually I got tired and decided to leave on my own. As I was walking back I was very tired, I came to a bench and thought about taking a nap on it but then I was worried the police would find me and I'd be deported, so I kept walking.

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