Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prades vs. Cerdanya

It's the blog you've all been waiting for a comparison of Prades and Cerdanya.

Good things about Prades
1. Everything is all in one place.
2. We get our own staff room with a refrigerator and couches.
3. Its only an hour from Tarragona.
4. Its cheap.
5. Lots of places to go to get away from people.
6. The scenery.
7. Port aventura day which means no teaching and going to the beach.
8. Cava Festival
9. trips to L'Esplugai and Xenon
10. Lots of excercise.
11. You can do your own laundry.

Good things about Cerdanya
1. Internet in our rooms
2. Nicer rooms
3. Tvs in our rooms
4. Town is only 10 minutes away
5. Selection of bars, stores, clubs and restaraunts.
6. The scenery
7. Crossaints every morning for breakfast
8. Clean towels every other day.
9. The pool is normal temperature.
10. Coke machine in the lobby
11. Some else washes and folds your clothes for you.

So all in all they're both good. I really am enjoying Cerdanya for all the reasons listed above as well as all the people here. I think thats what really makes a place is your company. I dont know if ill come back to Cerdanya next year. I like it but I feel like Prades is my home. Guess we'll see next year.

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