Thursday, July 30, 2009

Today is a normal day except.....

Wednesday July 1, 2009

Today was a normal day. Abi keeps asking me if I'm okay so I must not look well or something. We had music today in the hallway because it started raining then hailing. Then it started flooding. It was an absolute disaster, I really wanted to bang my head against the wall. I dont know how Claire and Siobhan do it. Some of us snuck out tonight while everyone else was at the party. Asheigh, Siobhan, Rach, Miaka, Claire and I walked to town. Our first stop was Casino, which is really big and nice. They had a drink special that ended up tasting like a melted sucker. I dont think it even had alcohol in it. However, on the upside they had nice bathrooms. After that we headed to Central. There was a really drunk lady and she molested Siobhan. After Siobhan and Rach got their drinks, Ash and I tried to get a drink but the guy ignored us for a while. Not cool! Everntually we did get drinks.
We hung out in Central for a while then headed to Plastico. Some of the monitors were in Plastico. Nacho was there and he told me I was the best in the world, I'm pretty sure he was drunk but ill take the compliment.
At one point we went to the bathroom only to find a guy using the toilet. It was this very drunk gay guy. Apparently he was upset with me because, well to be honest I'm not really sure what the hell he was talking about. But, he did tell us he was bery bery gay, as if we had any doubts. Another guy also informed us that he liked cheeky y cheeky.
Eventually we escaped the bathroom and headed to Katsura. It was pretty empty but we had a good time dancing on the stage in the middle of the dance floor. Eventually I got tired and decided to leave on my own. As I was walking back I was very tired, I came to a bench and thought about taking a nap on it but then I was worried the police would find me and I'd be deported, so I kept walking.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Row row row your boat gently in a cirlce

Today once class was finished some of us decided to head to the lake. The lake is really nice and you can rent row boats and row around it. It's not a very big lake so the rowing didnt seem like it would be that difficult. If you know how to row I'm sure it's super easy if you dont though it seems u spend the majority of the time laughing and going in circles. Nicola, Claire and I had a boat together and I had claimed to be an expert boater and proclaimed myself the president of the boating club. I also invented the club thats why I got to be the president. The lady that was renting the boats explained to us how to work the oars but it's not as easy as it looks. The other teachers in the other boats didnt seem to be having near as many probs as we were. We even managed to crash into this little island thingie. It was alot of fun though and eventually Claire busted out with some mad rowing skills and got us back to shore safely.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Friday June 26, 2009

Okay I'm going to try and copy some actual enteries from my journal here so that those of you who enjoy journal time can experience some of the actual stuff. However, that does require that I back track.

Today we almost died, that might be a slight exaggeration but we could've. Simon drove us down to L'Esplugai to catch the train and of course we left late. Simon tried to make up for this by turning the van into a race car. So not cool. The bus ride to Cerdanya was so so so long. I feel like we're in the middle of nowhere. It is very pretty though. When we got here we saw Nacho first. Then I got to see Carlos and the first thing he does is make fun of my suitcase. Nicola and I are sharing a room with 4 other girls. They all seem nice. It's kind of surreal being here. It's like I'm at E.S. but I'm not. We had a meeting and afterwards we had to play games with the monitors. But this one game we played was we had to put an orange between our foreheads and then dance without dropping the orange. Now I'm already not in a good place self-esteem wise but this really didnt help. I got paired with an M.P. who looked much younger than me. He also didn't talk much so we just stood around awkwardly with me trying to make small talk. It also didnt help that I felt super gross from all the traveling. After the games we went out. We started at a bar actually correct that we started by getting lost and walking in a big circle. We finally made it to the bar. We had a couple of drinks there then headed to Plastico, which for some reason always makes me think of Barbie. It was smaller than Cuatro but more people were there and I didnt notice as many rat tails. It was a good drunken night. Nacho and Carlos kept chanting "mon" every time they saw me. I kept telling them this is a new year. On the way home I was walking with Carlos. We had a nice drunken conversation about Prades and Mon and english and spanish. I heart Carlos.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prades vs. Cerdanya

It's the blog you've all been waiting for a comparison of Prades and Cerdanya.

Good things about Prades
1. Everything is all in one place.
2. We get our own staff room with a refrigerator and couches.
3. Its only an hour from Tarragona.
4. Its cheap.
5. Lots of places to go to get away from people.
6. The scenery.
7. Port aventura day which means no teaching and going to the beach.
8. Cava Festival
9. trips to L'Esplugai and Xenon
10. Lots of excercise.
11. You can do your own laundry.

Good things about Cerdanya
1. Internet in our rooms
2. Nicer rooms
3. Tvs in our rooms
4. Town is only 10 minutes away
5. Selection of bars, stores, clubs and restaraunts.
6. The scenery
7. Crossaints every morning for breakfast
8. Clean towels every other day.
9. The pool is normal temperature.
10. Coke machine in the lobby
11. Some else washes and folds your clothes for you.

So all in all they're both good. I really am enjoying Cerdanya for all the reasons listed above as well as all the people here. I think thats what really makes a place is your company. I dont know if ill come back to Cerdanya next year. I like it but I feel like Prades is my home. Guess we'll see next year.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ooops has it been that long????

Okay so I've been a shit blogger lately but actually I've been a shit journaler as well. After Sitges we headed to Prades where I got to stay on camp despite my illegal status. But since I am an illegal I got to stay upstairs in the directors apartment. Its actually pretty cool and I've always wanted to see what it looked like well this time I got to sleep there. Prades was much the same. It was good to see the familar faces and places though. I am sad that Ill be missing Cava Fest but I guess it just wasnt meant to be. More to come later as I have to get ready for english activities now.