Tuesday, January 19, 2010

and I gained .8lbs

Today I had my WW meeting and I'm not gonna lie I went in expecting to see a gain, however, I was hoping that I wouldn't. In an effort to not let this totally derail me I need to figure out what happened, accept it and then move on. So last week i had lost 4.8lbs. in one week. That is super crazy for me I've never in all of my WW efforts had a loss that big in one week. So that may have played a small, miniscule part in my gain. However, lets be honest, that probably is the smallest part of it. So here's some things that may have contributed to this gain. 1. I drank wine this week. 2. I ate chili dogs. 3. I ate chalupas and margaritas. 4. I took Thursday off from WW. Well not completely but enough. 5. I ate lots of salty stuff.
So some things I've learned for this week. 1. I need to work out, any type of activity is better than none. 2. I need to track everyday and make an effort everyday. 3. I need to cut back on the alcohol. 4. I need to move on after mistakes and just keep goin. Here's to a loss next week. :)

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