Saturday, January 16, 2010

Just blogging because I can

I don't have anything super specific to blog about today. I just felt like doing a lil blogging so alas that's what I'm doing. Here's some things that are going on right now. My students and I are in the midst of the evil Stanford test and unfortunately it's just as evil as all the years before. I think next year I'm really gonna try to teach Pre-k cause all this testing is getting to be too much. I mean the board just passed a measure where if your test scores are low for three years they can fire you. It's very frustrating for me as a teacher because 1. all they're taking into account is how my kids do an a standardized, developmentally inappropriate test that's administered in January. Also the test is supposed to be used to determine which students are gifted and talented, not which kids are on grade level. It also frustrates me because my livelihood is now dependent upon small children whom most of can't even pee in the toilet, seriously our bathroom floor is always covered in pee. Common sense tells me that it's super ridiculous. I sometimes wonder what the people who make all these decisions are thinking, I mean all I can picture is some type of wildlife sitting around in a meeting picking ticks off of each other.
Now don't get me wrong I know there are teachers out there who do not do their jobs. I'm not saying those teachers should be allowed to keep teaching and I'm not saying that I shouldnt be evaluated every year. I am however, saying that maybe instead of using one single test we could look at overall growth over the whole year. Maybe a developmentally appropriate test should be given at the beginning of the year and then at the end of the year. Then you can tell me if I'm a bad teacher or not.

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