Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The gym and armadillos

So today I was determined to go to the gym. I mean really determined. The first problem I encountered was that I had about a million things I needed to do after school. I wasn't so sure about going to the gym and being able to complete all these other tasks. Then I found out that our assistant principal observed one of the other teachers this morning. Thus, I could be next, which means I really needed to stay after school just to make sure that everything was in order. However, logic prevailed and I decided that I wouldnt make a very good teacher if i died from being fat. Then I didnt think I had socks, this happened one other time and I worked out without socks, which i dont recommend. I decide to just suck that one up. I get to the gym and go to put my shoes into my bag when I realize that i didnt bring a shirt to work out in. So I was all set to leave when I remembered that I had a tshirt in my trunk. So I finally made it to the gym, except I looked really bad in my workout outfit and felt super fat, but I figured if anyone looked at me I could say "well at least I'm at the gym".
Once I was at the gym, I did my usual 28 minute workout on the eliptical. Then I had planned on walking on the treadmill for at least a mile. Christina and I are doing this Armadillo dash thing at the end of Feb. and I havent trained at all. So I thought after doing the eliptical it would be wise to walk at least a mile to see me how long 3 miles would take. Well that plan sucked. I was on there for .12 miles when I decided i just couldnt do anymore. I was pooped. So now I'm kind of worried. I see alot of dead armadillos on the side of the road and all i can picture at this point is me looking like one of those armadillos on the side of the road passed out from the fatigue of walking one mile. Well maybe they'll put my pic in the paper. :)

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