Sunday, February 1, 2009

Random stuff

1. We went to happy hour at Howl at the Moon friday and it was a BLAST! There was piano bar and these awesome jello shots in syringes....reminds me of a Halloween party.
2. After Happy Hour we went to Whataburger, I got a patty melt. I dont even like patty melts, it was the pic I couldnt resist it, but now I know better.
3. Becky is borrowing some of my clothes for her cruise. So in an effort to help her find some cute clothes, I pulled all kinds of clothes out of my closet for her to try on and u know what it made me sad, not cause Becky can fit in them, I'm super proud of her for working hard, but sad for myself. I have an insane amount of really cute clothes that I can't wear. That is really annoying so I'm going to try and use that as another way to motivate myself to workout and eat right.
4. Wii fit is AWESOME! I love it and everyday I play a different game and I havent played all of them but it is AMAZING! YAY WII!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Yeah, I totally understand what you're saying about mom. I mean, seriously, she's 53 years old and kickin some serious butt! It's hard to be the daughter of that but encouraging at the same time.