Friday, July 2, 2010

Hey Fatty Magoo

Dear Wii Fit,
I appreciate the opportunities you give me to workout. I appreciate the variety of workouts you offer as well as the option to calculate the minutes I've worked out and calories I've burned. I also appreciate the time you take to test my center of gravity. However, is it really necessary to weigh me (hard enough) then calculate my BMI and inform me that I'm obese. Not only do you make the little arrow go up to the obese section, you orally tell me I'm obese and then proceed to make my Mii look the part of obese, while playing failure music. I'm sure that you think this brand of tough love your offering is going to motivate me to workout more and eat healthier. You my friend, are mistaken. All this does is make me want to shout obscene words at you and curse you for being a computer who has the audacity to call me a fat a**. I know I'm obese you don't have to reiterate it at every turn. I would appreciate a nicer version of informing me of my less than stellar BMI and weight. I mean how would you feel if I called you obese all the time over and over again. Probably not very good.
Juli the obese

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