Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Dangers of Grama B.'s house

Last night I went to my Grama B's house to give her her Christmas present as well as get mine. She had told me not to eat and I figured we would be going out to eat seeing as how thats what we always do. Well I was wrong. When I got to her house I found that she had cooked enough food for an army and it was only me, her and Ben eating. Not only had she cooked a ton it was Mexican food, needless to say she didnt try to incorporate any WW recipes into it. She made chicken enchiladas, beans, tamales, guacamole salad and chips with queso. I couldnt not eat I mean she made it for me and to be quiet honest I have been a crappy grandaughter lately so I was feelin guilty about that. Okay so next plan of action portion control. Well until she made my plate. So I ate 3 tamales, 1 chicken enchilada, guacamole salad with queso and chips mixed in. It might not be as bad as I'm making it sound but it wasn't exactly what i had been planning. Then for desert, yes theres always desert, chocolate eclairs. I'm not a big fan of chocolate eclairs but then I felt bad because she bought them just for me so heres the guilt thing again. So I have 3/4 of one. I think next time I'll offer to pay for us to go out just to avoid all this. I also skipped going to the gym because I went to her house after work and i thought we were going out to eat so i didnt want to show up stinky from the gym and i wasnt going to go afterwards, because I didnt want to revisit my dinner. So today after Student Council I'm definitely going to the gym and tryin to work off some off that dinner.

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  1. Ah...the guilt. Ya know, this would be bad if you did this every day, but chalk it up to your once a week/month/whatever treat, put in a little more exercise than you'd planned, a little less food, and voila, you're okay again. Getting healthier is going to require us learning to adjust to the world and its inability to encourage our weight loss. So, we've got to learn to adjust our thinking. Am I saying you shouldn't have resisted, no, but don't feel so guilty, learn how to make up for it. Just like if you spent more money on a shirt, you would find ways to make room in your budget to account for it...or, you'd think, "Okay, I really need to watch it for a couple of weeks now"....adjust for the decisions you make. Don't beat yourself up for them.