Saturday, January 17, 2009

Exciting Healthy stuff I found on the internet

I know I just blogged but I really like blogging and have nothing better to do than talk about myself. Anyhoo, I found some coupons on the internet for yoplait yogurt which I really like to eat. Also I found this thing on the biggest loser web site where u can pledge to lose so many lbs within a certain time frame and they'll donate 1lb. of food to a food bank for every pound u lose. I think thats awesome! I mean I never thought my weight loss could benefit anyone else but me, but look now I get to help those in need as well as myself. Its also gonna make me more motivated because i really want to be able to say that i did my part and lost the weight i said i would so that food banks can get free food. Anwyays here's the links to the yogurt coupons and the biggest loser. yogurt biggest loser pound for pound challenge

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