Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wii Fit, Cotton candy and too much spaghetti

I'm sure ur wondering how all of those things are related well there not except that I need to talk about each one. Sunday I bought a Wii fit and I'm super excited about this, not just excited but super excited. Yesterday after the nine hour hike through the biggest park known to man kind and after my nap, I decided to try it out. The first thing u have to do is create ur mii and then u have to take a body fit test. It gives u ur BMI and weight and then tells u about ur posture. Well apparently I'm obese and my wii fit age is 40. Not only does it tell me all this, it makes my character fatter and then points out that there is a difference of 13 years between me and my wii age. However, I started playing it and it's pretty fun, especially when I do really well at something like trying to hit soccer balls with my head, its alot harder than u think. Anyhoo, it can save all ur info so u can track all ur weight loss and stuff.

Next topic, cotton candy. So today, I made it to the gym which is a feat but I did it. I spent 33 minutes on the eliptical working my lil heart out. So everything was going normal when again I smelled cotton candy. It wasn't nearly as strong this time and it didnt last as long but I got a whiff of it. This is becoming a mystery and I like to pride myself in my ability to decipher clues and act like Nancy Drew. Therefore, I am going to solve it even if I have to go to the gym all the time. :)

Last topic, too much spaghetti. I made wheat pasta with spaghetti sauce. It was really good but I ate too much. I should have measured it out but I didnt so now I feel like I'm pregnant with a spaghetti baby. I guess it could be worse though, it could be a real baby. AHHHHH!

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  1. Speaking of babies, I carried around my 29 lb. baby for like 4 hours on Monday....and then ate pizza.