Thursday, January 8, 2009

The time I skipped Weight Watchers

Okay so I was supposed to go to my WW meeting tonight. This was supposed to be my first meeting back and well obviously i punked out. Instead I'm at home drinking wine and playing Wii. I guess i didnt go because I'm insanely tired, not really sure y just feeling rather sluggish. I've also been in a funk the past couple days. I think part of it has to do with the fact that the holidays are over and i had to return to work. Don't get me wrong I love my kiddos but I'm not such a fan of the getting up early thing. 5:30 comes much quicker than one would think. I think the other part of me skipping was I am afraid of the number on the scale. It's gonna be alot and even though I havent seen it I'm a bit overwhelmed by it. I have to get over this because I will go to WW because I know that program works and I really am tired of being fat. So next Thursday, no excuses.


  1. I think I'm waiting for the gym to open to really make myself get out of bed and work out. I've been so tired lately, and not in the mood to do anything it seems...

  2. Ok I was with you this night too!! haha...Am I a bad influence?