Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My latest discoveries

First of all I would like to document my progress on this crazy weightloss, healthy living adventure. It hasn't been going exactly as planned. Although I will admit I haven't done completely horribly either. Today I actually passed up a delicious piece of cake. At first it wasn't that hard but then my coworker who was sitting next to me decided she needed a second piece and the entire time all I could do was smell the sweet, sweet frosting. I think it might have been calling my name. It took all the strength I had not to reach over and swipe a huge mound of frosting onto my finger and plop it into my mouth. So the healthy eating thus far is going mediocre. The workout part has been just plain dismal. I haven't worked out once, unless u count the 30 minutes of Wii I played slightly drunk from wine. Well i guess excercise is excercise even if you are buzzing.
Now onto my discoveries. 1. I don't know what people do at night. I mean I cooked dinner ate it, called a few people and then was at a loss. I contemplated going to bed but even I think 7 pm is a bit early. So I just watched t.v. all the while trying to create little projects in my mind for myself to pursue. 2. Apparently during my first year teaching I would work out after work, so maybe that should be my new nightly event. 3. I left my fake mustaches in Carmela's mom mobile. I actually discovered this a while ago but I actually told her tonight. I like the idea of fake mustaches because we can have fake cigars and talk like we're living in the 1920's. We can also use the word "speak easy" which is almost as great as the term " day drunk".

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  1. Ok I ate 2 pieces of cake today during our faculty meeting!! I feel guilty now but at the time I was excited because I love cake!! And I played wii while I had been drinking but I think excerise is excerise so for me I feel like a accomplished something!! I know, I know I'm the worse and after my dr visit - I haven't done anything about it. I need to get on the ball - since I am the one who has been complaining about my double chins! I'll be a better motivator for you...Although, we did have a plan to workout this past monday but due to the cold weather we had a good excuse to postpone those plans!! I'll direct you to Memorial Park so that way we can walk/excerise and check out cute boys!! I'm motivated now! Good blog Todd!!