Sunday, January 4, 2009

Workout? That means excercise, right?

So no grand get healthy plan can really be lacking an excercise plan. Well, I guess technically it could but I think excercise gives you better results, besides I don't want to have the jiggly fat arm thing going on. At Thanksgiving my Mom felt it necessary to pinch that part of my arm and then it dawned on me it could be hazardous to have all that hangy fat there. Think about it what if I was jumping into an elevator at the last second and my arm fat got caught in the door. Then firemen had to come rescue me and they all of course would be hot and there I would be with my arm fat stuck in a door, not a good way to meet hot firemen. Thus, the arm fat must go along with it's friends, belly blubber, double chin, back fat (the worst), and jiggly butt.
Here's my plan, well at least for this week: I'm gonna start following the 2009 Ultimate Fitness Plan, I found it in Women's Health. This is the link or you can buy the magazine.
The things I like about this workout is that it provides excercise for toning, losing fat, and building muscle. Also most of it can be done at home. It also has you start out with tests so that you can track your progress every four weeks, I think this in addition to the number on the scale will hopefully keep me motivated even when the scale might not be moving.
This week I'm also going to set a goal of playing Wii tennis three times during the week. Say good bye to Jiggly Juli.

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  1. Fat Back Syndrom is rampant these days. I plan to do my part to rid the world of FBS.