Thursday, January 15, 2009

Well I sort of did better

Today I did not want to go to the gym. However, I overcame that and made myself go. I spent 32 minutes on the eliptical which means I completed the whole weight loss program as well as a 5 minute cool down. Funny thing happened while I was working out. I was right in the middle of my workout when all of the sudden I smelled cotton candy. I looked around but nothing had changed no one had walked by or anything. However, the smell was super intense. I really wanted cotton candy, I almost stuck my tongue out in hopes of gettin some of the sweet deliciousness on my tongue, however, reason prevailed and i kept my tongue in my mouth. I knew that I couldnt be the only fat kid in the room who had noticed the intoxicating smell so I looked around at my fellow gym goers and none seemed phased by this mouth watering scent. Then I thought maybe I'm about to pass out and that's what I'll smell right before I enter unconciousness, kind of like people who have seizures and taste copper in their mouth. But, alas I did not pass out. I'm still not sure where the smell came from but I'm beginning to expect that the gym might be pumping cotton candy into the air vents just to torment me.
On the downside of the day, I have yet to go to my WW meeting. I need a buddy to go with me cause I'm like afraid to go by myself for some reason. I think I'm kind of embarassed since I had done so well and now I'm fat again. Whoa is me!

1 comment:

  1. If I were near you, I'd go.

    Also, maybe someone was chewing cotton candy flavored gum? Next time, try that. lol